FAQ: About the Courses

The primary difference is related to the course schedule. Flexible courses are offered year round, begin immediately after enrollment, and accommodate students desiring to work at their own pace, quickly receiving feedback on their progress. This means they may take as much time as they need or work ahead in their courses, within the set parameters.

Alternatively, Scheduled courses begin on a set date every semester and progress at a relatively set schedule with students’ peers as directed by the instructor. Scheduled courses allow the opportunity to collaborate with their peers and instructors in a more traditional semester based format, but with the flexibility of all course interaction being online. For more information on the policies regarding the formats, please see the Course Format Choices page.

Flexible Format Courses: Begin immediately after enrollment is processed and tuition is paid in full. They cannot be completed quicker than 6 weeks after submitting the first lesson, and tuition includes 180 calendar days (6 months) from the enrollment date.

Scheduled Format Classes: Follow a more traditional school calendar with set start and end dates for the terms.

Semester 1/Fall Session

  • Courses begin in late August
  • Courses end in mid-December

Semester 2/Spring Session

  • Courses begin in early January
  • Courses end in mid-May

For the most updated information on course terms and other important dates, please see the Calendar.

Because you are learning in a group setting with other students, a Scheduled Format Course runs closer to a traditional school schedule. If you need to take a class out of its regular sequence, consider taking a Flexible Format Course.

Because of their advanced rigor, AP classes have an additional tuition rate. The AP rate is an additional $75 per course.

The Diploma Program has a one-time application processing fee of $50 for U.S. residents.

6 weeks after submitting the first lesson.

Flexible format courses are scheduled to be 6 months (180 calendar days) long. Scheduled format courses are scheduled to be 4 months (120 calendar days) long. If you think you will need an extension please review the Course Extension Policy. Students should always consider other deadlines and commitments, such as course completion target date for graduation, and consult with their counselor on a regular basis.

Yes, under certain circumstances extensions may be granted in 30 calendar day increments extension for $50. Extension requests are subject to the Course Extension Policy and vary according to course format.

Flexible Format Courses: No, you do not have to login at a particular time.

Scheduled Format Courses: May have scheduled chat times for you to interact with your instructor and/or other classmates. Check your course calendar for the schedule, or contact ­­­­­ Student Support Services at mizzouk12online@missouri.edu with any questions.

This will vary according to your academic skills and background in particular subject. Each course is equivalent to a half-unit of credit. You are expected to cover the same amount of information as a semester in a regular classroom. Plan accordingly and stay on a regular study schedule.

Flexible Courses cannot be completed in less than 6 weeks (42 calendar days) from the first assignment submission.

Mizzou K-12 Online is proud to offer engaging and researched-based curriculum that is accredited by AdvancED. With over 230 courses to choose from, activities will vary by course.

Often students have the opportunity to engage in interactive exercises and audio or video media, along with graphics to reinforce key concepts.  To view course syllabi navigate to Find a Course and review the course details for the individual course of your choice. To preview what a Mizzzou K-12 Online course may be like, students can also review our sample History Course.

Flexible Courses are open 180 calendar days (approximately 6 months).

Schedule Courses are open 120 calendar days (approximately 4 months).

Students may take any combination of courses (any format) that are approved by their affiliate school (if enrolled part time) or by their MU High School counselor (if enrolled as a diploma student).

Over 40 challenging courses are designed for academically talented high school students. In many cases, these courses cover topics not typically discussed in the classroom and are intended to satisfy intellectual curiosity and desire for rigorous course work.

Yes, we currently offer several AP courses that prepare students to take the AP exams.  For more information see AP and Honors Courses.

Mizzou K-12 Online does not administer AP Exams. Students are responsible for making arrangements and paying for AP exams. The College Board  has more information about AP and arranging for testing.

Currently, Mizzou K-12 Online offers courses for 6th-12th grade levels. Service for Elementary level courses is currently being upgraded.