FAQ: Application and Enrollment

Full Time Diploma Program Applicants: In addition to basic personal information, students applying for the full time diploma program will need to request or complete following documents/information to complete the MU High School Application Process:

  • Submit online application
  • Submit official Transcripts (requested from schools previously attended)
  • If under the age of 18, the permission of your school (see Local School Release Form)

Part Time Enrollment Applicants seeking just one or a few courses and attending school full time elsewhere require the following information in addition to personal basic contact information:

  • School Name and Address
  • Counselor Name and Professional Email

Mizzou K-12 Online requires affiliate approval on all part-time enrollments, ensuring selected course(s) will transfer and count towards graduation requirements.  Students will need to speak with their counselor to better understand the existing policies currently in place regarding transfer credit to see how many courses may be allowed.

MU High School Full Time Diploma Students: Your personal MU High School Counselor is happy to provide guidance on a course plan to meet individual student needs and approve appropriate course selections. Most full-time diploma students take 6 courses per semester.  However, the MU High School Counselor will work with students with special circumstances requiring a heavier course load .

Students are encouraged to consider:

  • ability to be successful in courses
  • other responsibilities and commitments
  • the number of courses they need to be on track to graduate
  •         Part Time Students: Wait for the email confirming approval of your course request.  Once approved, you will not be allowed access to the coursework until the tuition is paid in full.
  •         Full Time Diploma Program Students: Once you have completed the application form and paid the application fee, forwarded academic records, and submitted the local school approval you should look for the decision letter in the mail. The decision letter will prompt you to make course selections, after which you pay tuition/fees, order any course materials and verify the enrollment accuracy.

After you complete the online application, your login credentials will be sent to the student email address provided on your application. To help ensure delivery, add mizzouk12online@missouri.edu to your safe senders list. Once logged in, be sure to follow the prompts in the welcome email to change your password to something secure and memorable.

If you cannot locate the email after checking your junk and spam folders, please contact (855) 256-4975 or mizzouk12online@missouri.edu.

Tutoring services will be available soon. For more information on the upgrades that are currently in progress, including tutoring services, please see the Student Resources page.  If you are experiencing unanticipated challenges with the course content, you are encouraged to contact Student Support Services.

If you think you might need more time to successfully complete your studies see the Extension Policy.

Part time students should consult with:

  • Your counselor or designated official at your school
  • Your parent/guardian if you are homeschooled

Diploma Program students should consult with:

  • The MU High School Counselor to plan enrollments. (Upon acceptance into a Diploma program, students will receive a transcript assessment from the MU High School Counselor with course recommendations based upon your past academic record.)

Yes. Mizzou K-12 Online is based in the United States and all curriculum is developed in English.

Yes, if approved by your counselor, you may work towards earning high school credit as a middle school student.

Because instructors vary in their sequence and pace of instruction, even courses that have the same standards may not be at the same place in the semester. To ensure that you have an opportunity to gain the full competencies of the course you need to complete the entire course sequence.

Yes, online courses can be a great fit for adult learners seeking a diploma since many public schools have age limits.

Because military connected students move frequently due to PCS orders and sometimes need breaks from academics to spend with their service member families, the flexibility of location and work pace are a great fit. Students can move their education with them to service posts worldwide!

According to DoDEA, “…the average child in a military family will move six to nine times during a school career.”  In addition to the need for flexibility, consistency in academic related standards and curriculum is another challenge military students face.

Students taking individual course enrollments may not start their course until it has been approved by the designated school official at their affiliate school and all tuition fees have been paid in full.

  •         Part time Enrollment Students: If taking individual courses with Mizzou K-12 Online, your full time affiliate school approval helps ensure that the course(s) is aligned with your academic plan.
  •         Full Time Diploma Program Students: If you are in a diploma program, you will work MU High School Counselor to ensure that your course selections meet your personal graduation plan.

In any circumstance, these measures are taken to ensure that students do not enroll in courses that are inappropriate for them and/or do not meet their academic goals and requirements for graduation.

A student is considered part time when they intend to graduate from a high school other than MU High School but want to take one or more courses with Mizzou K-12 Online. Frequently students want to accelerate or catch up on course credit, expand their curriculum options or find more flexibility in their schedule.