FAQ: Exams and Proctoring

A proctor is an impartial individual who monitors students while they are taking exams.

It’s important that exams are proctored to maintain the academic integrity of Mizzou K-12 Online. Knowing that your school cares about fair testing is an assurance of a quality education.

There are special policies and procedures regarding who can serve as a proctor, and how they become eligible.

Yes, most 7th-12th grade courses require proctors. If you are uncertain, please consult the course syllabus or contact Student Support Services.

No, in order for you to be prepared for your exams, we require students to turn in all lessons preceding an exam.

Exam passwords are sent out only when any balance due is paid, the previous lessons/exams are in and graded or it has been 7 calendar days since the previous lessons/exams were received. For more information about exam policies, please see the Exam Proctoring page.

As an virtual school, Mizzou K-12 Online’s exams are online. However, students may elect for a paper copy of an exam to be mailed to an approved proctor for an additional fee. Please follow the guidelines below when ordering a paper copy of exam:

  • Submit this form to request the paper exam
  • Log in to the Tiger Portal to pay the $75 paper exam fee*
  • Once the fee has been paid the exam will be mailed via UPS Overnight to the approved proctor. A return self-addressed overnight shipping label will be provided for the return of exam for grading.
  • No refunds for shipment costs of paper exams will be processed, as Mizzou K-12 Online pays in advance for the expedited tracked shipping.

*Continental U.S.

Choose one of the following options when requesting an exam:

  • Find a proctor in your area and submit the Proctor Verification Form. Please review the Registering a Proctor tab on the Exam Proctoring page for eligibility information. Students MUST verify that the proctor is willing to monitor the exam BEFORE the student requests said proctor. New proctors must be verified before we release exam passwords; please allow 7-10 days for processing new proctor information.
  •  Register to take the exam at the Mizzou K-12 Online Office in Columbia, MO. (See the Exam Proctoring page for more information.)
  •  Register for online proctoring through the external proctoring agency, Examity. Please visit the Examity Online Proctoring page for more information.

Coming Soon: The option to find and register a proctor through Tiger Portal.

Please note: Students MUST verify with the proctor that they are willing to proctor the student BEFORE submitting the proctor request. Alternatively, students who choose online proctoring via Examity must register with the system at least 48 hours in advance and verify they can meet all Examity requirements.

No. To ensure academic integrity, the following individuals are not permitted to proctor exams:

  • Relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, or employers of the student
  • Student’s tutor
  • Athletic coach, assistant coach, or athletic recruiter
  • Military recruiter
  • Anyone with a relationship to the student that may result in a conflict of interest in proctoring an exam

For more information about locating an approved proctor, please see Exam Proctoring.

Yes. Because proctoring is an important part of the exam process, we need to be able to communicate with proctors.

No, out of fairness to other students and to maintain academic integrity we do not allow students to retake exams.

If you want to change your proctor, contact Student Support Services. Passwords for exams are sent directly to your proctor. If you change your proctor, the previous password will become invalid and the new approved proctor will receive a replacement exam password.

If you registered for online proctoring through Examity, you must log in through your Examity link in Canvas to reschedule or cancel.