FAQ: Attending a Class

Each course is unique and the technology requirements may slightly vary. Students should review the Technology Requirements reference guide.

Schools or parents/guardians are responsible for providing the students with access to the equipment, software, and Internet connectivity required for course completion.

After you complete the online application, your login credentials will be sent to the student email address provided on your application. To help ensure delivery, add mizzouk12online@missouri.edu to your safe senders list. Once logged in, be sure to follow the prompts in the welcome email to change your password to something secure and memorable.

If you cannot locate the email after checking your junk and spam folders, please contact (855) 256-4975 or mizzouk12online@missouri.edu.

6 weeks after submitting the first lesson.

Flexible format courses are scheduled to be 6 months (180 calendar days) long. Scheduled format courses are scheduled to be 4 months (120 calendar days) long. If you think you will need an extension please review the Course Extension Policy. Students should always consider other deadlines and commitments, such as course completion target date for graduation, and consult with their counselor on a regular basis.

Mizzou K-12 Online does not administer AP Exams. Students are responsible for making arrangements and paying for AP exams. The College Board  has more information about AP and arranging for testing.

Your username for the Tiger Portal will be the email address affiliated with your account. To recover your password, use the “Forgot your Login and/or Password” link at the bottom of the Tiger Portal login on mizzouk12online.missouri.edu. If you enrolled with Mizzou K-12 Online or MU High School before July 2014, your previous login credentials are more than likely no longer valid for the Tiger Portal. Please contact Student Support Services; they’ll be able to assist you.

Students have trouble logging in should follow these steps:

  • Check device settings (including the caps locked function)
  • Contact Student Services at (855) 256-4975 or mizzouk12online@missouri.edu

The Tiger Portal provides access to account information and coursework. Students should regularly check notifications in the Tiger Portal for important announcements. Students may use mobile or tablet devices to access their course materials in Canvas, but should also regularly log into the Tiger Portal to check for important announcements.

  • Flexible Format Course Policy: You may submit lessons at your own pace. However, passwords for the final exam will not be sent out before 6 weeks (42 calendar days from) from the date of the 1st lesson submission.
  •         Scheduled Format Course Policy: This format offers more structure. While courses may be structured so that students may work ahead, individual courses may have sequence requirements.  Students are encouraged to review the syllabus.

Many devices, including tablets and mobile phones, offer a high level of access to most of the functions in courses. Access to all functions can be best assured through access to a computer (desktop or notebook) that is appropriately configured to meet Mizzou K-12 Online Technology Requirements.

To help access courses on mobile devices, the following screen captures depict the app selection on an iPhone and Android device:

Please note,  students are not permitted to take exams on their mobile phones.


Students are encouraged to give their best effort on every activity. Therefore, re-submissions are sparingly granted on a case by case basis. Contact Student Support Services if you need to request consideration for a re-submission.

No, if you drop a class it will not affect your GPA.

No, no allied health professionals, including chiropractors, are permitted to do physicals. Physicals must be done by a medical doctor.

If you want to change your enrollment, our Course Drop/Add Policy will apply.

Students may drop and add courses per the Add/Drop Policy as follows:

Dropping Courses

To prevent the need to drop courses ,students are encouraged to preview the syllabus of their course to ensure they are prepared for the nature and rigor of the work. To get a general idea of what a Mizzzou K-12 Online course may be like, students can review the first lesson of our sample History Course.

Dropped courses will be designated as a “W” (Withdrawal). Official transcripts will not show any course with a “W” grade.

Course Drop & Tuition Credit Schedule:

100% Tuition Credit: 0-7 days in course (nothing submitted)

90% Tuition Credit: 0-7 days in course (subtract an additional $10 for each item graded)

70% Tuition Credit: 8-21 days in course (subtract an additional $10 for each item graded)

50% Tuition Credit: 22-42 days in course (subtract an additional $10 for each item graded)

*AP Course fees are non-refundable.

Tuition Credit

Upon the course drop date tuition payment will be credited to the student’s account (in the amount according to the schedule above) and less any other fees incurred. Please note $10 is deducted from drop credit for every graded item.

Spending Tuition Credit

Students may use the balance on their account  towards other enrollments or fees as assessed. Tuition credit cannot be used towards the purchase of textbooks.

Refunding Account Balance Credits

Accounts with credit balances (unused funds) will be automatically refunded the next upcoming refund date, with processing occurring in  March, June, and October, respectively.  In order to request refund prior to the next cycle, send an email request to mizzouk12online@missouri.edu. Please include the student’s first and last name and  DOB (Date of Birth) in the request. Refunds are issued in the payment form they were received and to the original payor.