FAQ: Part Time Enrollment

In our featured student clubs, National Honor Society and Math Club  students collaborate with their peers in staff guided online settings. Students complete projects that offer opportunities to socially engage and practice new skills.

National Honor Society is open to Full Time Diploma Program students, while the Math Club is open to all students.

Because instructors vary in their sequence and pace of instruction, even courses that have the same standards may not be at the same place in the semester. To ensure that you have an opportunity to gain the full competencies of the course you need to complete the entire course sequence.

Students taking individual course enrollments may not start their course until it has been approved by the designated school official at their affiliate school and all tuition fees have been paid in full.

  •         Part time Enrollment Students: If taking individual courses with Mizzou K-12 Online, your full time affiliate school approval helps ensure that the course(s) is aligned with your academic plan.
  •         Full Time Diploma Program Students: If you are in a diploma program, you will work MU High School Counselor to ensure that your course selections meet your personal graduation plan.

In any circumstance, these measures are taken to ensure that students do not enroll in courses that are inappropriate for them and/or do not meet their academic goals and requirements for graduation.

A student is considered part time when they intend to graduate from a high school other than MU High School but want to take one or more courses with Mizzou K-12 Online. Frequently students want to accelerate or catch up on course credit, expand their curriculum options or find more flexibility in their schedule.