FAQ: Pre-Enrollment Information

Many devices, including tablets and mobile phones, offer a high level of access to most of the functions in your course. Access to all functions can be best assured through access to a computer (desktop or notebook) that is appropriately configured to meet our Technology Requirements. Therefore, it is recommended that students have access to a computer or notebook, or at least an alternative technology.

Each course is unique and the technology requirements may slightly vary. Students should review the Technology Requirements reference guide.

Schools or parents/guardians are responsible for providing the students with access to the equipment, software, and Internet connectivity required for course completion.

To help you succeed in an online course, at minimum you will need to feel confident doing the following:

  • Using a keyboard and mouse (or laptop trackpad)
  • Using a Web browser to navigate webpages, recognize links, bookmark pages, use the “Back” and “Reload” (or “Refresh”) buttons, and so forth
  • Using a search engine (such as Bing, Google or Yahoo!) to retrieve information
  • Sending and receiving e-mail
  • Using word processing software
  • Saving files to a hard drive, portable storage device, or cloud service and retrieving them for editing or submission
  • Uploading and downloading documents and files
  • Installing and updating software
  • Producing audio files

Students should recognize that technology will sometimes fail. It is recommended that you either are, or know someone who is, proficient in troubleshooting technical problems, such as an Internet outage or hard drive crash.

Reading comprehension and composition are key skills when engaging in an online learning environment, including:

  • reading online study guides and textbooks
  • participating in forums or chats (as required)

composing written assignment submissions

Generally, the successful online students:

  • Take accountability for their own learning
  • Demonstrate time management and self discipline
  • Have a support system or individual who can assist them
  • Possess basic computer skills

Flexible Courses are frequently a good solution for special education students who benefit from working at a more self-directed pace. If you have specific concerns or questions about meeting special needs please contact Student Support Services or review our Notices and Terms. Students have the option to identify their IEP (Individual Education Plan) or 504 status on their enrollment application so their accommodation requests may be considered.

After you complete the online application, your login credentials will be sent to the student email address provided on your application. To help ensure delivery, add mizzouk12online@missouri.edu to your safe senders list. Once logged in, be sure to follow the prompts in the welcome email to change your password to something secure and memorable.

If you cannot locate the email after checking your junk and spam folders, please contact (855) 256-4975 or mizzouk12online@missouri.edu.