International Partnerships

Map of Mizzou K-12 international partnership schools with Truman the TigerSince 1913, the University of Missouri has provided high quality distance pre-collegiate education. Today we specialize in offering state-of-the-art interactive courses that meet the needs of domestic and international students. Our courses can be customized to help schools expand their curriculum offerings and allow students to meet U.S. high school graduation requirements to receive a U.S. diploma, as well as prepare them for college and entering into global careers.

Any student, anywhere—whether enrolled in public or private school, domestic or international, home schooled or out of school for years—is eligible to take a course from Mizzou K–12 Online.

High School Serviços Educacionais


HSE logo

Providing blended education and a dual diploma program to students in Brazil since 1999, High School Serviços Educacionais (HSE) coordinates educational services for 58 partner schools around the country. Each school has native English-speaking teachers working in a Co-Teach mentor program with University of Missouri certified teachers, using the pedagogical online resources with classroom learning techniques. Students in the High School Dual Diploma program earn both a Brazil and a U.S. diploma, increasing their mobility to succeed in the global environment.

Working together with HSE, Mizzou K–12 Online utilizes the College of Education resources to provide these students with a high quality and customized education that aligns with U.S. national and state standards while at the same time incorporating English language learning (ELL) strategies and tools to foster better learning outcomes. Students earning the University of Missouri High School diploma and meeting admissions requirements have the option of a direct matriculation pathway as undergraduate students at the university.

Grand High School

Qingdao, China

Qingdao Grand High School logo

Qingdao Grand High School was founded in 2002. Part of the Grand Education group, it is a full-time high school located completely within one of two campuses, the other campus being the primary years of education. In 2008, Grand became the first international partner school with the University of Missouri High School. Students in this dual diploma program earn both a Chinese and U.S. diploma during their high school experience.

Utilizing the University’s online high school curriculum, students enroll in regularly scheduled classes taught by local teachers. This blended classroom setting provides a unique immersion program in which students gain education in the course topics comparable with their U.S. peers, improve English language skills (as all coursework is in English), and are introduced to the U.S. classroom critical thinking learning processes. Together with Grand, Mizzou K–12 Online has graduated hundreds of students in this dual diploma program, most of whom have gone on to universities around the world.

NIKA Foreign Language School

Križevci, Croatia, Europe

NIKA logo

NIKA was founded in 1993 as the first foreign language school in Križevci, and is a member of the Croatian Association for foreign languages by the Croatian Chamber of Economy. For the last 16 years the school has been registered LCCI Pearson JETSET centre for internationally recognized exams in English, general, and business. It is also a CELI centre for the Italian language exams. In cooperation with the British Council Croatia, the school prepares students for the Cambridge exams. They are also one of the co-founders of the HIPPO English Language competition. This successful event began in 2012 with the purpose of promoting the importance of English language knowledge and bringing together children from different countries.

The school has highly trained teachers who teach English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian. The school offers courses for everyone from three-year-olds to adults, and the courses and knowledge levels are in line with the standards of the Council of Europe. With the University of Missouri High School, students have the opportunity to take English immersion courses and earn a U.S. high school diploma. Their U.S. diploma pathway is assisted by a network of tutors in the Balkans region. NIKA students have the opportunity to take part in summer language courses abroad and different excursions and workshops.

Escuela Mayatan

Copán Ruinas, Honduras

Mayatan Bilingual School logo

Escuela Mayatan, the Mayatan Bilingual School was founded in 1991 by a group of parents who wanted their children to have the opportunity to receive a quality, bilingual education. At the time, the only option was to send students to the nearest city, three hours from Copán Ruinas. In 1998, Frank Hopkins and his wife visited Mayatan Bilingual School while touring Copán with a Road Scholar / Elderhostel group from the United States. They were both moved by the school’s mission and decided to return to Copán to volunteer, teach, and help expand the school. John Weber traveled from Missouri to Copán Ruinas in 2008 to teach science and math at Mayatan. Upon arriving, he tasked himself with developing Mayatan’s technical infrastructure and fulfilling the founders’ dream of offering high school classes. John oversaw the new technology and brought wireless internet to the campus, as well as classes from the University of Missouri High School. The first group of high school students earned dual diplomas from Mayatan and the University of Missouri High School in 2012. Enrollment has grown each year since then.

NuNa Academy

Roatan, Honduras

NuNa Academy logo

NuNa Academy is an independent K–12 bilingual school, located in French Cay, Roatan, Honduras. Their partnership with Mizzou K–12 Online began in 2014. Students in the graduation path are preparing to earn a diploma from the University of Missouri High School with all courses taught by our certified teachers in a “We Teach” methodology, with NuNa tutors assisting the students as needed.

Dir di più Lingue nel Mondo


Dir di più Lingue nel Mondo is an association of teachers and administrators with the mission to provide students with an outstanding education in English; and to help them to take the next step in their lives whether they are students or adults in a career.

Currently, Dir di più Lingue nel Mondo coordinates a group of six English schools in northern Italy, and is involved in several projects both at national and international level. Over the past two years Dir di più has successfully participated in the Hippo English Language Competition, and in 2017 they joined with ILS and Mizzou K-12 to provide the option of a dual diploma path for Italian students.


New Education Cooperative Society


New Education Cooperative Society started as a cultural and educational association in 2011 to provide language courses for both students and practitioners. They cooperate with public and private schools, improving their education, and with public and private institutions to spread school initiatives.  New Education’s didactic projects (English and Spanish courses) are currently held in 20 schools, with the main course their English Course, “Look and Learn”, designed and developed by us. It is an interactive course (with the use of projectors) with native speaker teachers, addressed to nursery and primary schools and made to promote bilingualism from an early age. This course is having a great success in the area of Caserta and Naples.

The aim of the New Education Cooperative Society, whose slogan is “Formiamo il futuro” (Let’s Create our Future!), is to spread our school projects and courses more and more, in order to improve the knowledge of foreign languages and to attest this knowledge. Their policy aims to seek high quality standards and is in alignment with ILS and Mizzou K-12 to provide educational opportunities in Italy and in particular in their region of Campania.


Private Language School ELITE

Struga, Republic of Macedonia, Europe

Elite School of English logo

ELITE was established in 2002. It has become a synonym for high-quality language education for learners of English of all ages and levels. Its goal is to provide a professional approach and positive atmosphere that will encourage students to acquire the necessary language skills and develop critical thinking skills.


ILS Provida Futuri International Language and Computer School

Zrenjanin, Vojvodina, Serbia, Europe

Provida Futuri logo

Provida Futuri has been teaching students for the past 24 years. During that time, Provida Futuri has become an accredited center for testing and assessment for English language exams for LCCI (London Chambers of Commerce and Industries) as well as for the University of Perugia for Italian language. They are also one of the co-founders of the HIPPO English Language competition. This successful event began in 2012 with the purpose of promoting the importance of English language knowledge and bringing together children from different countries.

Provida Futuri representatives are included in the expert committee of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce foreign language section. Language studies offered by Provida Futuri are closely aligned with CEFR (Common European Framework), thus enabling its students to meet requirements for all European high schools as well as for all European universities. Having achieved B1 level of English, students have the opportunity to attain a U.S. high school diploma with the University of Missouri. Their path to a U.S. diploma is assisted by a network of tutors in the Balkans region.

CIEM–Wellspring International School

Hanoi, Vietnam

Wellspring International Bilingual School logo

Founded in 2011, Wellspring International School is located in Hanoi Vietnam. Wellspring is one of the few modern schools and is the only bilingual school in Vietnam that is recognized as the Cambridge standard for all three levels of education by the International Examinations Board of the University of Cambridge. In 2014, they began to offer a dual diploma program with the University of Missouri High School, in a blended education model. In 2015, many of these students participated in the LEADers Summer Program, experiencing campus life in the United States and interacting with their peers from Columbia, Missouri as they earned high school credits toward their diploma.

Creative International Education Management (CIEM) logo

Partnering with CIEM (Creative International Education Management) has facilitated cultural and legal assistance between Mizzou K–12 Online and Wellspring, helping educators and administrators in both schools, as well as students and families of enrolled students, to maximize success through every stage of the learning lifecycle. CIEM-Edu consultants have great experience balancing the needs of students, parents, teachers, and administrators while trying to comply with local, state, and federal regulations.

Students in the CIEM–Wellspring graduation path are preparing to earn a dual diploma from both Vietnam and the United States, and when meeting admissions requirements, have the option of a direct matriculation pathway as undergraduate students at the University.