Middle School Courses

Are you seeking a quality alternative for middle school courses? Perhaps you need just one course, or would like your student to complete all their studies virtually. Do you need flexibility and reliable, friendly student support? Mizzou K-12 Online offers these customized solutions. 

Students can develop strong core academics while growing their online study skills in their own unique learning environment.

About the Courses

  • All are Flexible Format courses, where students can work at their own pace with self-paced lessons, pre-tests, and other activities that allow more in-depth topic exploration.
  • Aligned to national standards and meet Missouri Course-Level Expectations (CLEs), Grade-Level Expectations (GLEs), or competencies.
  • Written by certified teachers, courses are intended to prepare for high achievement on standardized testing and entrance into high school.
  • Offering core subjects of Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts for 6th-8th grade; each equivalent to a semester of traditional coursework.

To explore the available courses for middle school students, use our Find a Course tool.

Special Topics Courses

In addition, special topics courses allow students to explore electives and expand their horizons.

  • Family and Consumer Science, Part One
  • Family and Consumer Science, Part Two
  • Applying the Math Challenge
  • Creative Writing: Dancing with Words
  • Launch Pad to Success

Get Started Today!

To request enrollment for middle school courses, please follow the steps listed in the Part-Time Enrollment section. Please note: since middle school students need not apply for a full time diploma program, use this process to create an enrollment request for any number of courses — from one individual course to a full student course load.