Scheduling Your College Board AP Exam

Students  who choose to take a College Board AP exam must make their own arrangements with a testing site.  Many high schools serve as a testing sites. Before March 1, contact the College Board for assistance in locating a test site in your area.  You can also call a local high school to determine whether it administers the test.

The College Board also provides a list of things to know before signing up for the exam and what to do on exam day.

Important Dates

  • College Board AP exams usually begin the first week in May.
  • Consult the College Board exam calendar for important dates, including specific exam dates and times:
  • If you are registering for AP Exams outside the United States, check theCollege Board international students’ page,, for additional registration and test administration details and deadlines that might apply to your exams.

Information for Your AP Exam

Please note that in order for University of Missouri High School to receive a record of your score, you will need to list us as either your online provider or your school of record.

Online Provider Code:   041

If you are a University of Missouri High School diploma student, use the 6-digit CEEB code for your school of record.

CEEB CODE:        260734