English II

English II

Course Information

Appropriate Grade Level: Grade 10

Content Area: Communication Arts

Prerequisites: (First Semester) Successful completion of English I, Semester 1 and English I, Semester 2; (Second Semester) Successful completion of English II, Semester 1

Interaction: Teacher/Student and Student/Student

Course Fees: *$300 + Textbooks

Course Descriptions

First Semester

This course focuses on writing and syntax techniques and literature in a variety of genres including speculative fiction (e.g., science fiction). First semester topics include analyzing and applying various writing techniques such as creative writing; and improving vocabulary, grammatical skills and reading comprehension.


Second Semester

The second semester expands on topics taught in the first semester by further examining elements of fiction, figurative language and symbolism in literature; using advanced reading comprehension strategies; understanding technical non-fiction writing; and communicating orally (e.g., delivering an original piece of creative writing via a podcast).


  • There are no required textbooks for the second semester.


  • Course readings are available online (e.g., Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” and Shakespeare’s “Othello”).
  • speakers or a pair of headphones (headphones preferred)
  • a way to record yourself speaking (e.g., plug-in microphone, headset with mic, laptop with built-in mic)


* Domestic pricing only; please e-mail mizzouk-12online@missouri.edu for international pricing.