Parent Resources

Parents and guardians are crucial in contributing to student success. Below is information on how to gain access to the Tiger Portal to help monitor student progress, one of the recommended best practices. 

Accessing the Parent Tiger Portal

If your student is already enrolled, you should have course access. Login credentials are automatically sent to the parent email that is provided at the time of enrollment. Be sure that is listed on your safe senders list.

If you don’t have access and need login credentials, please contact Student Support Services.

Parent Best Practices

  • Technology preparedness — Ensure that your student is provided appropriately configured technology and the basic technology skills recommended in the Technology Requirements.
  • Internet safety You are encouraged to ensure that any device your student is using has security settings and you have reviewed Internet safety so you feel comfortable.
  • Understand the learning technology Explore the Using Canvas section so that you have a basic understanding of the essential classroom functions that will be expected of your student.
  • Be involved Ask for your student to show your their coursework on a regular basis.
  • Create a healthy learning environment Arrange a space that is clear from distractions and ensure that your student has a set routine. Set a family goal to stick to the routine as much as reasonably possible.
  • Facilitate good time management In addition to creating a routine, encourage students to list tasks, prioritize, and calendar events and milestones.
  • Be positive and realistic Understanding that there will be an initial steep learning curve with a new learning environment and setting an optimistic tone helps support students in the beginning stages
  • Become familiar with policy Read the policies and procedures section.
  • Allow critical problem solving One of the many benefits of online learning is that it helps students learn to assess situations and independently identify potential solutions. Students can troubleshoot using the Student Resources section. Parents can encourage these outcomes by resisting the urge to overly direct students.
  • Ask for help Errors are inevitable. Questions foster growth. If you are uncertain in a situation encourage your student to contact Student Support Services and be available to help guide the discussion as appropriate.

Learning presents many of its own challenges. It is important to keep in mind that technology and a more flexible learning environment can open doors, but it can also create new challenges. By working with your student towards some of the above best practices, they will have a foundation for academic success. Finally, remember that Student Support Services is glad to help!