Academic Policies

Repeating a Course

  • If you should fail the course and/or wish to improve your grade, you may repeat the course only after re-enrolling and paying full course fees.
  • Re-enrollment in a course requires approval of the school official designated to make approvals (such as a counselor).
  • Should you choose to re-enroll and repeat a course, all normal Mizzou Academy policies regarding lesson submission, time limits and scheduling of examinations will apply. You will be required to complete all lessons and exams for the re-enrollment.
  • Both grades will appear on your Mizzou Academy transcript. If you are not a University of Missouri High School Diploma student, check with your school on how online course work will be calculated into your GPA.

Academic Integrity

Cases of suspected plagiarism, cheating or other academic misconduct will be reported to the Mizzou Academy principal for review.

Grading Scale

Letter GradePercentageGPA Points
Individual courses will provide grading information. Above is the final grade scale for Mizzou Academy used to calculate student GPAs. AP Courses do not offer extra weight under MU High School policy.


†  Grading Disclaimer:
Our course assessments (Midterm and Final exams) are important opportunities for you to demonstrate your mastery of essential course concepts and skills. In some of our courses, exams are weighted in order to place a heavier emphasis on them. In other courses, you must earn both a 60% or higher average on exams as well as a 60% overall average (on exams + assignments) in order to pass. Please check the course syllabus for specifics on how exam grades are handled in your course.