Homeschool Solutions

Enrollment Options

Hundreds of homeschool families have found that Mizzou Academy is a perfect fit.

Part-Time Enrollment: courses to supplement home-based instruction


Full-Time Diploma Program: a quality fully online educational solution

The variety of courses are offered in both Flexible and Scheduled formats, allowing for a customized learning solution.

Course Monitoring

Parents and guardians can rest assured knowing they have access to student information with their personalized login to the Tiger Portal. Get access to information about progress and grades that is updated daily.

Diploma Program Application Enrollment Considerations

  • At the time of application, students/parents/guardians will need to supply past transcripts, portfolios, and textbook information.
  • Students under the age of 18 who are residents of a school district in the United States must complete the Local School Release Form, Section B.
  • Students and parents/guardians are encouraged to ensure they are in compliance in their respective state of residence.

Purchase Mizzou Academy Curriculum for Home Use

We offer options for homeschool parents/guardians who are seeking to supplement some or all of their curriculum at home while still taking the active role of teacher. Because your needs are unique, we encourage you to contact Student Support Services.

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