Pre-Course Skills

Each student is unique and should consider the skills and attributes that generally contribute to successful learning outcomes in an online delivery format. Consulting with a counselor and parent/guardian can help students assess their readiness for virtual learning.

General Skills and Attributes

  • Accountability for learning
  • Request help promptly when needed
  • Time management, prioritization, and self discipline
  • Access to a support system or individual who can assist

Technology Skills

  • Keyboarding and navigating with a mouse or notebook touchpad
  • Browsing, searching, and basic web navigation
  • Sending and receiving e-mail
  • Processing and formatting Word documents
  • Saving files to a hard drive, portable storage device, or cloud service and retrieving them for editing or submission
  • Uploading and downloading documents and files
  • Installing and updating software 
  • Producing audio files

For full information about the technology skills and configuration recommendations, see the Technology Requirements. To explore the online learning platform’s basic functions, see the Canvas page.

Literacy Skills

Basic English reading comprehension and composition are key skills when engaging in an online learning environment, including:

  • Reading online study guides and textbooks
  • Participating in forums or chats (as required)
  • Composing written assignment submissions

These are basic recommended skills that contribute to student success in online course delivery. Individual circumstances such as past experience and foundational knowledge in the content area will contribute to success.