About Us

Our History: A Heritage of Quality

Mizzou Academy, the parent program of the University of Missouri High School, is part of the University of Missouri’s College of Education. As the precollegiate space within the University, we trace our roots back to 1857 as a lab school, evolving through Extension in 1913 to offer correspondence courses for high school credit to students without access to education. In 1999, we became an accredited private K-12 school to offer diplomas to graduating seniors. In 2011, we moved into the College of Education.


To support the educational journey of our global learners through engaging and rigorous academic programs and innovative teaching methodologies.

Why Mizzou Academy?

Mizzou K–12 / University of Missouri High School is distinctive, being the only program in the country supported by a consistently ranked College of Education at a research-intensive flagship university. Graduates of the University of Missouri High School have been accepted to colleges worldwide, outscored their peers on testing, and demonstrated success beyond.

We are an award-winning, accredited Missouri private school. For students throughout the world, Mizzou Academy offers state-of-the-art courses that can lead to a high school diploma; clubs for students, such as the National Honor Society; and an accredited diploma path that can lead to direct, pre-approved entry into the University of Missouri as an undergraduate student.

Our Curriculum:

  • Is developed and facilitated by Missouri-certified educators or University of Missouri faculty
  • Aligns with national and Missouri standards
  • Accredited by AdvancED and the NCA CASI.
  • Mizzou Academy / University of Missouri High School offers courses that have undergone rigorous review by the NCAA.
  • Our courses have earned numerous awards.

We are proud to be affiliated with quality organizations which guide online education, including:

Please note, this school code might also be found under “University of Missouri High School” or “MU High School.”

What We Offer: Course Options / Diploma Programs / CoTeachSM Opportunities

Mizzou Academy / University of Missouri High School offers over a wide variety of core courses, elective courses, world languages, NCAA approved courses, and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Students may enroll part-time or apply for one of our diploma program options. 

  • Take one or several courses to meet individual student needs
  • Supplement a student’s home school curriculum 
  • Graduate with an accredited U.S. diploma through our diploma programs

School districts can diversify their curriculum by utilizing our programs:

  • Opportunity to partner your teachers in the face-to-face classroom with our College of Education teachers in the online classroom in our CoTeachSM Model
  • Group enrollments where students may work together as a class
  • Single enrollments to meet an individual’s course needs

Learn more about Mizzou Academy / University of Missouri High School by watching our feature YouTube video.

Looking to the Future

Mizzou Academy / University of Missouri High School is constantly seeking to innovate with the most advanced tools in online education. Working with researchers in the College of Education, we are helping to Power the Knowledge.