These terms are intended to assist students, parents and school affiliates understand the terminology used on the website. While some terms have a generally accepted definition, others are specific to Mizzou K-12 Online.

  • Accreditation

    Verification by an outside party that an educational institution offers a quality, standards based education.


  • AdvancED

    The accrediting agency for MU High School. AdvancED verifies the the academic authenticity of the school against its rigorous standards.

  • Affiliate School

    A school or organization associated with multiple students in the Mizzou K-12 program.

    Affiliate Schools are registered with Mizzou K-12.  Their representatives can approve course selections by their students and are provided grade information when the course is complete.


  • AP (Advanced Placement) Courses

    Coursesof increased content depth and rigor similar to college freshman courses which help prepare students to take the optional AP examination, the results of which can aid in earning college credit.

  • Apostille

    A certification of authenticity for a diploma and/or transcript that is sometimes needed for students who plan to transfer credits abroad.

  • Approval (Course approval)

    Course approval occurs when the counselor marks the course as approved in the Tiger Portal, indicating that the course is appropriate for the student’s academic plan of study. Part time students’ course selections are generally approved by their counselor or other designated school official; while full time diploma students’ course selection are approved by the MU High School Counselor.


  • Canvas (LMS)

    Canvas (Learning management system)  is the name of the system used by Mizzou K-12 Online. It offers access to course instruction.

  • Contiguous U.S.

    The 48 adjoining U.S. states and the District of Columbia. Mizzou K-12 Online bases shipping rate policies upon the mailing address of the student. Students should be aware that shipping rates may vary to destinations outside of the Contiguous U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii).


  • DESE ([Missouri] Department of Elementary and Secondary Education)

    The state of Missouri’s educational agency. Located in Columbia, Missouri, graduation standards and other policies at Mizzou K-12 Online defer to DESE policy.

  • Designated School Official

    A counselor, principal, virtual school liaison or other administrator or staff in a school district who is authorized to make decisions on behalf of students taking virtual courses outside of their district.


  • Diploma

    The document which represents a student’s fulfillment of the graduation requirements for a high school.


  • Enrollment

    Opening access to course instructional materials. Scheduled courses will begin instruction per the schedule on the calendar, while enrollment occurs automatically for Flexible courses. Enrollment for Mizzou K-12 Online students  only occurs when the course has been approved as required and tuition and any applicable fees have been paid and processed.


  • Flexible Course

    A course format that allows students to work at their own pace, quickly receiving feedback. Flexible format courses can be completed in as few as six weeks or take up to 6 months (180 Calendar days).

  • Full-Time Diploma Program Enrollment

    Students who have been accepted into a diploma program at MU High School and MU High School is their primary school of record are full time.

  • Full-Time Diploma Program Enrollment

    Students who have been accepted into a diploma program at MU High School and MU High School is their primary school of record are full time.

  • GED (General Education Development)

    A series of tests that allows students to take tests to prove proficiency in high school level content area and career/college readiness skills.

  • Incomplete Course

    A course in which the final exam has not been taken.

  • LMS (Learning Management System)

    A  software application that provides the learning environment or platform, for online courses.



    (North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement ) One of the accrediting agencies that assures that academic credibility of MU High School.

  • Official Transcript

    Official Transcript Requests

    Mizzou K-12 Online staff make their best effort to process official transcript requests within 7 days of receiving the authorized request and payment (if applicable – see Transcript Fees).  Transcript Requests forms submitted before final course grade is assigned by the instructor will show on transcript as “In Progress.” If needing an official transcript to reflect course completion, do not submit the Transcript Request form until final course grade is assigned by the instructor.

    Official transcripts are requested by mailing or faxing the Transcript Request form along with applicable payment. Written signature (and parent/guardian signature if under 18 years of age) is required.  To have transcripts sent to more than two recipients, complete a separate form or attach a sheet listing corresponding information.

  • Part-Time Enrollment

    Students who take one or more courses with Mizzou K-12 Online, but who have not applied and been accepted to a diploma program at MU High School (including all Middle School enrollments), are considered part-time.

  • Payment

    Payment is considered official with Mizzou K-12 Online when posted to the student’s (or school’s) financial account in the Tiger Portal. Payment for tuition and applicable fees must be processed before course access is granted.

  • PCS (Permanent Change of Station)

    The permanent relocation of duty station assigned to military service persons and their families.


  • Plagiarism

    The act of representing someone else’s words or ideas as one’s own without providing proper credit. This can include, but is not limited to, copying the work of others, not providing appropriate citation in research work, or representing an idea as original that has been duplicated.  The principal will be notified of instances of suspected plagiarism.

  • Proctor

    An impartial individual who verifies the academic integrity of an exam by monitoring the examination.

    Mizzou K-12 Online has a specific set of policies regarding the eligibility qualifications for proctors and proctoring procedures.



  • Registration

    Registration is complete when a student has entered and submitted all the information necessary with regards to their type of enrollment (Part-Time vs. Full-Time) and it has been processed by Mizzou K-12 Online. Registration related to student information being complete in the system and does not guarantee approval or enrollment in a course.

  • Scheduled Course

    Scheduled format courses has set start and end dates. Students progress through the course with their instructor and peers using a set course calendar. Scheduled format courses are open for 120 calendar days following fall/spring semester timelines.


  • Tiger Portal

    The Tiger Portal is the official entry point for students, parents and counselors (and other designated school officials) to access student records, enrollment functions, financial accounts and course instruction, as appropriate for each role.


  • Transcript

    A transcript is a record of the courses and the grades that a student earns.

  • Tuition

    Tuition is the price for course instruction. Tuition does not include any fees or materials (such as textbooks) costs.

  • Tuition Credit

    A tuition credit is made the students financial account when a student is approved for a dropped course. The amount of the credit and other terms are based upon the Add/Drop Policy of Mizzou K-12 Online.

  • Unofficial Transcript

    Unofficial transcripts are often accepted to establish a provisional or temporary admission or status with a requesting institution until an official transcript is available/provided or for are normally adequate for personal records. Like official transcripts, unofficial transcripts also detail a students academic details, including grade and course records.

  • Withdrawal

    Courses that have been withdrawn from will not show up on transcripts.