Student Success Tips

When Taking Online Classes

  • Self discipline is essential, but also have someone who can hold you accountable
  • Time management has to be planned; use to do lists and calendars to your advantage
  • Focus and create an effective learning environment by minimizing distractions
  • Think of logging in like showing up to class; set a schedule that becomes routine
  • Communication is different- read and review all materials and then ask for clarity as needed

Getting the Most of Technology

It’s important to remember that technology is the vehicle to education, not the destination. Ensure the device is:

  • Configured correctly – Review the Technology Requirements and verify you can meet them
  • Protected-Use virus protection and other vulnerability management tools to protect your device and work
  • Backed up-Keep a copy of your work in an alternate location
  • Updated– For tools to work best, updating software, plug-ins and add- ons is recommended