Course Extensions Policy

Students are strongly encouraged to plan their time so as to complete their course work on time; however, extensions are available depending on the circumstances. Students should consult with their counselor or school official as needed to determine how extensions might impact their academic plan, including anticipated graduation date. Access to incomplete courses will not be available beyond the end date without an extension.

Flexible Format Courses

  • 30-day extensions are $50.
  • Students may extend up to 90 calendar days (3 extensions).
  • Students can log in to the Tiger Portal to request extensions and process payment from the course start date through the 269th day from the original start date.
  • Extension fees will be assessed and based charged from original assigned end date of the course and through the next 30 day increment (for example, if a course start date was Jan. 1 and its originally assigned end date was June 30, and the student waited until Aug. 15 to request the extension, they would pay $100 for July 1-Aug 29 access).
  • After 270 days past the original start date of the course, students cannot process their own extensions or their course work. They must consult with Student Support Services for consideration of additional extensions.
  • Extensions are only granted if the final exam has not been taken.
  • Refunds are not granted for partially used extension periods.

Scheduled Format Courses

Policy Exceptions

Under extenuating circumstances (such family or medical emergencies) students may be granted an administratively approved extension or exceptions to the above above policy. Approval of these requests will be made by Mizzou Academy officials and may require that a student submit documentation along with their request. Students requesting consideration for extension exceptions should contact Student Support Services at (855) 256-4975 or