Academic Resources

Each course points students to current, research-based materials to guide their learning journey. Students might also find the following resources helpful:

Virtual School Library

Once enrolled, students have access to:

  • Encyclopedia Britannica Online — All Britannica offers, including the Online School Edition and multimedia-rich tours
  • INET Library — With 260,000+ educational resources, it is the collection of the world’s largest collection of safe, reliable information for students

Staying on Pace

Students who demonstrate good time management and self discipline often find greater success in their courses. Frequently, students find that procrastination can be a problem with the flexible environment that online courses offer. To help assess tendencies toward procrastination, some students might find this quiz helpful.

One way to stay on track is to create a plan and stick to it. The Course Planning Sheet helps students establish academic goals that foster progress and successful course completion.


Students preparing for college transition should consider preparation and testing that contributes to admission decisions.

  • ACT — Offering the ACT, an exam that many colleges use to help determine admission status
  • The College Board  — Connecting students to access to college, including the opportunity to arrange for SAT and AP Testing. Mizzou Academy offers quality AP Courses to prepare students for AP Exams.