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Term Information
First and second half terms designate courses that have two parts. Credit and grades are awarded separately for the two parts (high school courses award .5 credits per part). In some circumstances, students may only need one term of a two part term course. Students should seek the assistance of counselor to identify the appropriate the course and term to meet their needs. Courses designated as a single term do not have a second part. For Schedule Course start and end dates, please see Calendar.

  • First = semester 1 OR fall semester OR Part A
  • Second = semester 2 OR spring semester OR Part B
  • Single = 1 half unit OR 1 semester (same course offered each semester)


 : AP  |    : Honors  |    : NCAA Approved

English Language Arts
11th Grade English, Second Half Unit 
12th Grade English, First Half Unit 
12th Grade English, Second Half Unit 
AP English Language & Composition, First Semester   
AP English Language & Composition, First Semester B  
AP English Language & Composition, First Semester B  
AP English Literature & Composition, First Semester   
Creative Writing 
Critical Thinking and Study Skills 
English 10A 
English 10B 
English 11A 
English 9A 
English 9B 
Information Literacy 
Speech - Introduction to Public Speaking 
Fine Arts
Art Appreciation, One Half Unit 
Art I 
Music Appreciation 
Photography, One Half Unit 
Health and Physical Education
Fitness for Well-Being, One Half Unit 
Personalized Fitness, One Half Unit 
AP Calculus AB, First Semester   
AP Statistics, First Semester   
Algebra I, First Half Unit 
Algebra I, Second Half Unit 
Algebra II, First Half Unit 
Algebra II, Second Half Unit 
Business Math, One Half Unit 
Calculus, First Half Unit 
Calculus, Second Half Unit 
Geometry, First Half Unit 
Geometry, Second Half Unit 
Pre-Algebra, First Half Unit 
Pre-Algebra, Second Half Unit 
Precalculus A 
Precalculus B 
Statistics, One Half Unit 
Practical Arts/Personal Development
AP Computer Science, First Semester   
Career Planning 
College Prep 
Foods and Nutrition, One Half Unit 
Introduction to Marketing, One Half Unit 
Personal Development and Character Education 
Personal Finance 
Web Apps I 
Biology A 
Biology B 
Chemistry A 
Chemistry B 
Geology, One Half Unit 
Physical Science A 
Physical Science, Second Half Unit - Fall 2020 
Physics, First Half Unit 
Physics, Second Half Unit 
Social Studies
AP Comparative Government and Politics, One Semester   
AP European History, First Semester   
AP Psychology, First Semester   
AP United States History, First Semester   
Missouri State Exam 
Principles of Psychology, First Half Unit 
Principles of Psychology, Second Half Unit 
United States Government 
United States History A 
United States History B 
World Geography, First Half Unit 
World Geography, Second Half Unit 
World History, First Half Unit 
World History, Second Half Unit 
World Religions 
World Languages
Advanced American English 1 
Advanced American English 2 
Advanced American English 3A 
Advanced American English 3B 
Advanced American English 4A 
Advanced American English 4B 
American English 1A 
American English 1B 
American English 2A 
American English 2B 
American English 3A 
American English 3B 
American English 4A 
American English 4B 
Arabic 1A 
Arabic 1B 
Arabic 2A 
Arabic 2B 
Dutch 1A 
Dutch 1B 
Dutch 2A 
Dutch 2B 
Filipino 1A 
Filipino 1B 
Filipino 2A 
Filipino 2B 
French 1A 
French 1B 
French 2A 
French 2B 
French 3A 
French 3B 
French 4A 
French 4B 
German 1A 
German 1B 
German 2A 
German 2B 
German 3A 
German 3B 
German 4A 
German 4B 
Greek 1A 
Greek 1B 
Greek 2A 
Greek 2B 
Hebrew 1A 
Hebrew 1B 
Hebrew 2A 
Hebrew 2A 
Hebrew 2B 
Hindi 1A 
Hindi 1B 
Hindi 1B 
Hindi 2A 
Hindi 2B 
Irish 1A 
Irish 1B 
Irish 2A 
Irish 2B 
Italian 1A 
Italian 1B 
Italian 2A 
Italian 2B 
Italian 3A  
Italian 3B 
Italian 4A 
Italian 4B 
Japanese 1A 
Japanese 1B 
Japanese 2A 
Japanese 2B 
Korean 1A 
Korean 1B 
Korean 2A 
Korean 2B 
Latin 1A   
Latin 1B   
Latin 2A   
Latin 2B   
Mandarin Chinese 1A 
Mandarin Chinese 1B 
Mandarin Chinese 2A 
Mandarin Chinese 2B 
Mandarin Chinese 3A 
Mandarin Chinese 3B 
Mandarin Chinese 4A 
Mandarin Chinese 4B 
Persian 1A 
Persian 1B 
Persian 2A 
Persian 2B 
Polish 1A 
Polish 1B 
Polish 2A 
Polish 2B 
Portuguese 1A 
Portuguese 1B 
Portuguese 2A 
Portuguese 2B 
Russian 1A 
Russian 1B 
Russian 2A 
Russian 2B 
Russian 3A 
Russian 3B 
Russian 4A 
Russian 4B 
Spanish 1A 
Spanish 1B 
Spanish 2A 
Spanish 2B 
Spanish 3A 
Spanish 3B 
Spanish 4A 
Spanish 4B 
Swedish 1A 
Swedish 1B 
Swedish 2A 
Swedish 2B 
Turkish 1A 
Turkish 1B 
Turkish 2A 
Turkish 2B 
Vietnamese 1A 
Vietnamese 1B 
Vietnamese 2A 
Vietnamese 2B