Transferring Credit

To ensure that the Mizzou Academy diploma represents authentic academic achievement, Mizzou Academy has policies regarding the transfer of credit to and from other educational institutions.

Credit Transfer to Mizzou Academy

Credit issued by regionally or state accredited secondary U.S. schools as high school credit is accepted at face value toward meeting Mizzou Academy’s graduation requirements.

Homeschool to Mizzou Academy Transfer

Homeschooled high school students should provide:

  • A record of the subjects studied at each grade level
  • Inventory of the major textbook (title, publisher and edition) for each course.
  • Other pertinent documents such as transcripts or portfolios

The Mizzou Academy counselor will evaluate transcript/portfolio(s) to determine credit transfer eligibility. Please contact the Support Services Team at or 855-256-4975 for homeschool guidelines.

Transferring from Mizzou Academy to Another School

Mizzou Academy is a regionally accredited institution whose courses will transfer to most schools in the U.S.. Schools abroad may require an Apostille or other documentation. Please check with the individual school to verify course credit transfer policies.

Returning to Mizzou Academy

All credits earned that meet the eligibility requirements as acceptable credit will be counted towards the graduation requirements at Mizzou Academy. Please note that students need to meet the graduation requirements for Mizzou Academy to earn their diploma (Standard Path), including completing the final 6 courses (3 Carnegie Units) with Mizzou Academy.

Graduation Requirements for All Students

Students who are part of a diploma program must comply with the graduation requirements at Mizzou Academy, including completing a minimum of the six final courses (3 Carnegie units) after acceptance into our diploma program. For full information (including unique requirements for the College-Prep Path) see the Diploma Programs for more information on graduation requirements .