Using Canvas

Mizzou Academy uses Canvas, an online learning setting which provides students state-of-the-art access to course materials.

For more on navigating the Canvas interface, visit the Canvas Student Guide.

The following links to the Canvas Guides provide a glimpse at the Canvas functions and serve as a resource to students who may need navigation assistance:


Netiquette — short for “network etiquette” or “Internet etiquette” — is a set of guidelines for how to communicate appropriately on the web. As a Mizzou Academy student, you will be expected to follow these guidelines in your interactions with your instructor and fellow students.

  • Be respectful — Online, as in life, the Golden Rule applies: Treat others as you would like to be treated. There are effective ways to disagree with someone without being insulting. Keep in mind that sarcasm can sometimes be misinterpreted in an online environment.
  • Use appropriate language — Avoid foul language and rude or vulgar comments.
  • Use proper grammar and spelling — Typos and spelling mistakes are bound to happen, but excessive errors are distracting. Use a browser with a built-in spell checker if you need help!
  • Respect others’ privacy — Do not quote or forward personal messages or information without the original author’s permission.
  • Avoid plagiarism — It is never acceptable to copy and paste the work of others and call it your own. Be sure to cite your sources correctly.

For more on appropriate online behavior, view Show Me Respect: Tips for Thwarting Cyberbullying, Cyber-Harassment and Cyberstalking from the University of Missouri’s Equity Office.