Course Format Choices

Mizzou Academy offers two course formats to meet individual needs. Students are welcome to mix course formats.*

Flexible Course Format

Flexible courses offer students the flexibility to work at their own pace, quickly receiving feedback on their progress.

  • Are open for enrollment any day of the year.
  • Can be completed in as few as six weeks or take up to 6 months (180 calendar days).

Can be a great fit:

  • When a course is needed out of its regular sequence, such as during the summer or a fall course during the spring.
  • For student athletes, military connected or homeschool families that need a highly flexible education schedule.
  • For students who need to regain lost credits, especially at an expedited pace.

Features and Policy Highlights:

  • Allows for students to self request an extension(s) as needed (fee is applicable).

Scheduled Format Courses

Scheduled courses allow students the opportunity to collaborate with their peers and instructors in a more traditional semester-based format, but with the flexibility of all course interaction being online. They are open 120 calendar days (approximately 4 months) similar to following traditional fall and spring semester timelines.

  • Have specific start and end dates. See the Calendar.
  • Include discussions or live online chat with instructor and classmates.
  • Scheduled due dates help provide increased structure.
  • Constructive feedback for student growth and development.

Can be a great fit:

  • For students who are seeking NCAA eligible courses.
  • When trying to align to computer lab time at an affiliate school.

Features and Policies Highlights:

  • Because of the paced nature of the course, students must gain special approval if they need to request an extension.

*Please note, Middle School Courses are all Flexible Format Courses.