Diploma Program Application

Mizzou Academy is proud to offer the Diploma Path with University of Missouri High School. Students can choose where and when they learn, along with customizing their plan of study. Graduates enjoy collegiate opportunities worldwide and an accredited academic experience, all under a research-intensive university.

Students interested in enrolling part time for one or a few courses, but not planning on graduating with University of Missouri High School, should see our Part-Time Enrollment section.

Application and Enrollment in a Diploma Program

1. Pre-Application

2. Complete the Application Form

Submit the application* by creating a Tiger Portal Login/Account and pay the application fee ($50 domestic) online (no checks accepted online). Please note: Once complete students will receive an email with login credentials to the Tiger Portal. This does not guarantee acceptance into the diploma program. Students may but are not expected to pre-select courses, but they must be approved by the University of Missouri High School Counselor.

3. Forward School Records

Official high school transcripts should be sent to:

Attention: Counseling
University of Missouri High School
303 Townsend Hall
Columbia, MO 65211

Please note: official transcripts should not be faxed.

4. Submit the Local School Release Form

If under 18 and a resident of a school district in the United States applicants must provide verification of permission from a school official in their district to enter our diploma program. (If completing a paper application this form is part of the application packet.*)

This and all records should be addressed to:

Attention: Counseling
University of Missouri High School
3063 Townsend Hall
Columbia, MO 65211

OR faxed (from the school) to: (573) 884-9665

5. Look for the Decision Letter

Watch your mail for a letter from your University of Missouri High School Counselor that includes:

  • Review of accepted credits
  • Notation of credits still needed based upon the diploma path selected
  • Recommended course selections

6. Select Courses and Pay Tuition

Use the Find a Course page and add courses to your Backpack. Once chosen, the course selections will be reviewed and approved by the University of Missouri High School counselor (usually within one calendar week).

7. Confirm Access

 Log back in or check your email for notification that your courses have been approved (if not approved, contact the counselor) before tuition is charged to your student account. Tuition and fees must be paid in full before access to coursework will be granted.

8. Order Textbooks

To order any needed materials, use the link provided in the confirmation email, the link provided in the course description online, or visit our Virtual Bookstore directly.

9. Verify Enrollment Accuracy

 Students who think they may not be enrolled in the correct course should contact Student Support Services immediately.

10. Begin your journey

 Log in to your Tiger Portal regularly, and read your syllabus and course introductory information for your class.

*Paper applications: You may download the Full Time Diploma Application, complete it and mail it, the other materials and application fee. Please note that there is an additional $20 processing fee for paper applications.