Results that Matter

Collegiate Admittance 

MU High school graduates have been accepted to colleges and universities in 41 states across the United States.

 Our graduates have also been accepted to 19 different international programs in 7 different countries including:

  • Malaysia, Spain, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Switzerland, France and Canada

 MU High School graduates have been accepted into some of the most prestigious and traditionally selective institutions in the United States, including:

  • Princeton, MIT, Dartmouth, Cornell University, Rice University, Carnegie Mellon University, Wakeforest University and the University of Michigan

Students Achieve Top Scores

The ACT test assesses students’ general educational development and ability to complete college coursework. ACT has established the following as college readiness benchmark scores for designated college courses:
English Composition – 18 on English Test, Algebra – 22 on Mathematics Test, Social Science – 22 on Reading Test, Biology – 23 on Science Test.

MU High School’s online students in the class of 2013 averaged a composite score of 25 on the college prep exam, more than three points above the Missouri state average, 21.6. MU High School students who took online high school classes scored an average of 27.0 in reading, 25.5 in English, 23.4 in math, and 23.5 in science.

Across all subject areas tested, MU High School students who reported their results scored significantly higher on AP exams than the National Average. Reported results of MU High School students total average for 2013 was 3.78 while the national average was 2.89. 

Awards Winning Courses and Service

Courses and staff have been awarded recognition in the distance education industry for decades. To see the complete list and link to the archive, please see the Award Winning Courses and Service page.

Additional Achievements

MU Online High School is fully accredited by AdvancED and the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement, is within a nationally ranked College of Education at the University of Missouri and offers courses that have undergone a rigorous review by the NCAA.