Meet our Students

Jack Medows Reigns in Success

2013-2014 MUHS student Jack Medows finds that online courses were just what he needed to earn success in the classroom and the arena.

International Competitive Youth Golfer Varut Khachonkittisakul Aims High

Thai native Varut is a great example of the rewards of self discipline as he balances school, his rigorous golf schedule and meets the challenges of taking classes in his non native language.

Congratulations Gracie! 

Update: MU High School student, Gracie Gold, took home the GOLD at the U.S. Figure Skating Championship and finished 4th in the Sochi Winter Olympics. Here are some archives of the media coverage about her recent success.

MU High Student, Gracie Gold
Carly and Gracie Gold
Success is sweet, says Denise Gold. And she should know. Her twin daughters are finding success both on and off the ice as high school juniors and figure skaters.

MU High Student, Jennifer Du Breuil
Skater synchronizes practice schedule, online course work
Figure skater Jennifer Du Breuil was enrolled in public school until the sixth grade, when her demanding practice schedule and fixed school schedule collided and threatened to put her skating dreams on ice.

MU High Student, Caitlin Yoder
MU High grad knows it’s a jungle out there
Instead of marching off to the school cafeteria with her peers, Caitlin Yoder marches through the jungle on the backs of elephants.

MU High Student, Ross Miner
Ross Miner
In figure skating, there are no wasted movements. Every jump and spin are timed and precise. And the training required to succeed must be just as efficient.

Ballet dancer makes “A” point to graduate with MUHS
To perform on stage on a day when others her age are in the classroom is “exhilarating,” says MU High School graduate Beth Miller.

MU High Student, Kallen Bierly
MUHS diploma student won’t scale back education for her love of music
Homeschooled in middle school, Kallen Bierly was set to attend a fine arts magnet school in Columbus, Ga., until she hit one major snag: Her new schedule wouldn’t allow for a three-hour block to practice violin.

MU High Student, Jackie Wu
Freshman of the Year at Vanderbilt University, tennis player Jackie Wu sets a high standard for those who choose to follow in her size 8 ½ footsteps
Although keeping up with her studies was important, more of value was a school that could keep up with her. A friend suggested MU High School