Accessing Final Grades

A transcript is a record of the courses and the grades that a student earns. Courses that are currently in progress will be reflected on the transcript. Course completions are reflected on transcripts within 7 days of final course grade assignment. If an official transcript is needed to verify course completion for graduation requirements at another institution, students must allow 1 week after final course grade assignment for processing and additional mailing time.

Please note that as of July 1, 2015, Mizzou Academy will NO LONGER issue automatic official transcripts. However, transcripts are available upon request.

Transcripts – Official vs. Unofficial

If the transcript is for a student’s personal records, an unofficial transcript is usually adequate and can be obtained by emailing However, if you are fulfilling a transcript request to serve as evidence of your educational status to others, an official transcript will most likely be required.

  • Unofficial Transcripts

    Any request for Mizzou Academy to fax a transcript must use the Transcript Request form. Faxed transcripts will be considered unofficial and will incur a processing fee of $10 for domestic fax number and $15 for international fax number. For questions, please contact Student Support Services.

  • Official Transcript Requests

    Mizzou Academy staff make their best effort to process official transcript requests within 7 days of receiving the authorized request and payment (if applicable – see Transcript Fees). Transcript Requests forms submitted before final course grade is assigned by the instructor will show on transcript as “In Progress.” If needing an official transcript to reflect course completion, do not submit the Transcript Request form until final course grade is assigned by the instructor.

Official transcripts are requested by mailing or faxing the Transcript Request form along with applicable payment. Written signature (and parent/guardian signature if under 18 years of age) is required. To have transcripts sent to more than two recipients, complete a separate form or attach a sheet listing corresponding information.

Mailing Address:
ATTN: Transcript Request
MU High School
306 Clark Hall
Columbia, MO 65211-4390

Fax: (573) 884-9665

Transcript Fees
Beginning July 1, 2015, Mizzou Academy will process the first Transcript Request per student per school year for free! Subsequent official issuances will incur a $10 processing fee for domestic destinations (USPS Mail) and $15 processing fee for international destinations (USPS Air Mail). For expedited shipping, please contact Student Support Services (855) 256-4975 or