Notes from Dr. KFW

A Lesson in Empathy and Friendship, Thoughts on Language Learning

Recently, I ordered a book of short stories in Portuguese—a language I don’t speak. To be fair, I have been self-studying for about a year. I settle into a floral print chair with my new book, a pen, a highlighter, and a Portuguese–English dictionary. Without the dictionary, I understand about 1 out of 3 words. […]

Back-to-School Newsletter Brazil Partnership 2017

Bem-vinda de volta! Click for a back-to-school newsletter with our partner schools in Brazil. You may want to cozy up with a cup of coffee as you read this one as it is extra full with news and photos. Inside you’ll find a welcome letter from me, information from our 2016 conference survey, a new […]

Teaching for Courage

The following post is adapted from a talk I gave at the 9th annual HSE-MK12 Teaching and Learning conference in Vitória (ES, Brazil) Courage comes in many forms: a comment, a piece of art, a personal story, joining a new club, a choice to participate, a choice to not participate, a call for help. My research […]

Learn Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Adapted from my Welcome Party speech  for our summer program, Mizzou International Experiences (MIE)   My advice to you is this: learn outside of your comfort zone. Through this program, you will have a multitude of planned educational experiences to stretch yourself and learn new things. Take them all in, including the ones that you […]

“Compton chose MU High School after researching the program and deciding its reputation was among the best of online schools.”

Mizzou K-12 In the News | “Compton chose MU High School after researching the program and deciding its reputation was among the best of online schools.”

Mizzou K-12 In The News: Global graduates set to travel for university high school ceremony

…He said his experience has been “perfect” and praised the educators who teach the online courses. “These teachers are the best of the best,” he said. “I haven’t had any experience with better teachers anywhere.” Global graduates set to travel for university high school ceremony

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Dear Valued Teacher, A few months ago I was giving a lecture to a group of teachers. I asked them to remember their favorite teacher. Within moments the energy in the room shifted from the vague attention given to a lecturer to a palpable nostalgia. I then asked the group to consider how that teacher […]

Everyday Acts of Grace at Mizzou K-12

If I had to pick a theme for the month of March, it would be grace. As a growing global school district, it is natural to think big. At Mizzou K-12, we do a lot of thinking (and dreaming) big. However, this month I have been reminded of the value of thinking small, or noticing […]

Educational Dream Teams

This post is adapted from an article on my educational leadership blog on LinkedIn. One of my favorite professors in my doc program (Ty Douglas, ELPA) used to give us an hour each class to Skype-a-Scholar. This gave us the opportunity to dialogue with the authors of the articles and books we were reading. We […]

Teacher Assistant Interest Form

If the form below is not accessible, you can view the form outside of this frame here.

Causes to Celebrate

At Mizzou K-12, we have much to celebrate. Last month, I pulled our in-house faculty and staff together to share some of these celebrations. During our meeting, the campus Staff Advisory Council surprised us with a quarterly service award. It was a special day. Below is a recap of some of the 2015 celebrations I […]

Setting Our Classrooms with Hope

1948 Northwestern, Iowa My maternal grandmother, Norma, stands at the front of her classroom prepping for her lessons. In thirty minutes students will begin to stream in with pencils, books, and lunch pails in hand. She has twenty students ages 5 through 17 all in the same classroom. My grandmother, Norma, taught in this one-room […]

Welcome to Mizzou, Brazil!

Mizzou K–12 Online welcomes High School Serviços Educacionais (HSE) and their partner schools to the University of Missouri. Our accredited pre-collegiate program is embedded in the College of Education, allowing us to integrate the most recent research and technologies to improve student learning outcomes on a global platform. We look forward to providing a blended […]

Introducing Online Proctoring Services

Fair testing is an important part of offering quality education to students. To assure fair testing we require proctoring, or test monitoring, for most courses. Fortunately, now students can even be proctored by someone who isn’t in the same room–or even the same country! Starting in November of 2014, availability of Examity proctoring services, a […]

Enroll for Spring Scheduled Courses Soon

Students are encouraged to start planning for the Spring semester now by enrolling in Scheduled Courses. Access to spring coursework will be granted on January 7, 2015 and courses end May 15, 2015. Mizzou K-12 Online offers two formats of course delivery, Flexible and Scheduled Formats. While Flexible courses can begin any day, scheduled courses follow […]

Recognizing Mizzou K-12 Online Teacher Ms. Deborah Holland

In school, especially in online settings, it can be challenging to connect with teachers as people. We’d like to introduce to you one of the masters behind the screen and congratulate one of our particularly talented people, Ms. Deborah Holland. This year Ms. Holland was honored with the 2014 K-12 Educator Excellence Award from MODLA […]

MU High School Graduate Eugenie de Silva Continues to Break Records

It starts like most typical stories of youth: in 2010 Eugenie de Silva graduated from high school and prepared for college; but her story is anything but typical. Indeed, her experiences have been well publicized, including features in BBC News and the Pacific Standard. At the age of 11, she was the youngest student to ever […]

National Honor Society Nomination Period

Every October and April, the University of Missouri High School invites Full-Time Diploma students to apply for a great opportunity: membership in our chapter of the National Honor Society. “The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to honor those students […]

MU High Student Jack Medows Wins AQHA Youth Competition

Congratulations to Jack Medows, a student of MU High School during the 2013-2014 school year, who earned the top two spots for reining at the American Quarter Horse Youth World Show.  As a youth reiner, Jack has shown that dedication and self discipline pay off in both the arena and classroom. Jack has recently taken […]

MU High School Announced as a Top Ranking School

Mizzou K-12’s online high school, MU High School, is honored to be named by as one of the top online high school options in the U.S. Ranking sixth overall, MU High School is recognized as offering students a strong accreditation and unique course format options. Because MU High School is sponsored by the world […]